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No one knows what tomorrow may bring, but there are some inevitabilities for which you can prepare. You've worked too hard to risk your personal security or the legacy you leave, so it is wise to establish an estate plan you can count on no matter what comes your way. helps clients throughout guard against the unpredictable and leave instructions they feel confident about. Whether your estate is substantial or modest, we can help you design an estate plan that fits your unique circumstances and addresses your concerns.

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Establishing a well-thought-out estate plan allows you to provide protection for your property, finances and medical care. We may ask you to consider: Do you want to maximize giving to your heirs? Preserve a vacation home? Provide for a child with special needs? Appoint a decision-maker in case you become incapacitated? To address these concerns and others, you can rely on us to help with a comprehensive estate plan. We may provide legal assistance with the following:

  • Will drafting, execution and review
  • Living trusts
  • Advance healthcare directives (living wills)
  • Powers of attorney
  • Estate and gift tax issues
  • Guardianships and conservatorships
  • Choosing the appropriate executor

Each person has different concerns and goals for the future. We work closely with you to determine your priorities and create precise instruments to carry out your intentions.

Thoughtful attorneys handle wills, guardianships and powers of attorney

Estate plans can include instructions not only for distributing your property after you've passed but also for handling decisions in the event you can no longer make them for yourself. Though it may be difficult to think about your mortality, clear and thorough plans can remove the fear of uncertainty. We can help with:

  • Wills — Your last will and testament provides the opportunity to distribute property, establish care for children and otherwise express your final wishes. A will is the primary means by which you can leave property to a person or entity other than a blood relative.
  • Trusts — Trusts are flexible instruments that allow you to put conditions on gifts and provide an allowance for a beneficiary rather than a lump sum. When you set up a living trust, for example, you can enjoy your property during your lifetime and transfer wealth seamlessly at your passing, helping your loved ones avoid probate.
  • Advance directives — Advance directives allow you to clearly articulate your preferences for medical treatment and lifesaving interventions. They can set forth instructions on various matters, including who should serve as your healthcare proxy (power of attorney) if you are incapacitated. Advance directives can also include DNR orders.
  • Guardianships — If you have minor children, it's important to plan for their care in the event that you and their other parent pass away. While you can name a guardian in your will, the court will need to appoint them to serve in that capacity. Choosing a reliable, capable and trustworthy guardian can help ensure your children grow up feeling cared for and loved.
  • Planning for Children — Planning for the future of your children starts with ensuring that your children are cared for in the way you want if you are not available to care for them yourself. When the unthinkable happens, proper protections can make a difficult situation workable for your family and the people you love. A plan for your children sets our the legal documents and instructions that your friends and family will need to protect your children when you are unable to protect them yourself. 
  • Asset Protection Planning — The more you have, the more you have to lose. Asset protection are the legal maneuvers available to protect your assets from  creditor claims, dissolution and any other disaster. We help you to determine what you need to protect and the best way to secure that protection.
  • Elder Law — Growing older can be a joyful and relaxing experience with the right financial, medical and legal plans in place. Durable power or attorney, advanced directives, living trusts and wills are a few ways to protect yourself and ensure you receive the best possible care so you can focus on enjoying your life.
  • Probate — Probate is the legal procedure of validating a will, appointing an administrator to manage the estate, and the distribution of the estate belonging to the decedent. Probate can be expensive and time-consuming. The best way to limit the stress of the probate process in to properly plan for your estate.
  • Pet Trusts — A Pet Trust provides for the care of your pet when you are no longer able to care for them yourself. Simply providing for a pet in a will is generally not enough, and will not benefit your pet as quickly as a Pet Trust will. A Pet Trust assigns a person you trust to care for, and provide for your pet with the funds you've set aside for your pet.
  • Business Planning — A succession plan for your business creates a program and plan to protect your family, friends, colleagues, employees, and associates.  We help you protect your business by creating the plan for the future which may include control, asset division or retention, stock or asset distribution and other protective methods based on the size, type, and needs of your business.

Knowing that you have planned for the long-term well-being and financial security of your loved ones can be comforting. Our lawyers at thoroughly analyze your estate and strategize the best means of transferring your assets, minimizing taxes, establishing guardianship and supporting philanthropic causes.

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