Many times, a Family Law dispute can be resolved through Mediation, a cost-effective alternative to going into the courtroom. At Payne Law Group, we are always careful to give clients this opportunity to keep the costs of their legal services low.

Payne Law Group

Providing exceptional and affordable legal services to her clients at Payne Law Group is an important goal for Attorney Shannon Payne. She founded this law firm in 2013, with a mission to bring Los Angeles area people the type of legal services she would want for her own family. She has helped numerous clients find solutions to family disputes through mediation. This process is fast and friendly, even when the issues are complex and emotionally charged. With her guidance, her Family Law and Civil Litigation clients save time and money, always important benefits. If mediation efforts fail to reach a solution, she is an aggressive and determined advocate for her clients in the courtroom.

Attorney Shannon Payne

A strong background in legal education and public service makes Attorney Shannon Payne a very effective lawyer. She serves clients from Los Angeles and surrounding counties from her law office in West Hollywood, CA. Family Law and Civil Litigation are the primary areas of legal services offered at Payne Law Group. Shannon takes pride in knowing her clients call Payne Law Group first when they need legal representation or advice. She is very comfortable with the process of Mediation and enjoys helping clients find answers through Mediation agreements.

Los Angeles Mediation Attorney

Attorney Shannon E. Payne is an experienced and certified Los Angeles Mediation Attorney. She understands how this process works and knows how to get all sides in a dispute to come together to discuss and reach workable solutions for most issues. She works with clients, opposing counsel and the court system to help resolve legal matters. The best interests of her clients and their minor children are always very important to Shannon, and she works tirelessly on their behalf to reach their goals. She knows from experience, that Mediation is the most cost-effective and quickest way to resolve Family Law disputes.

Going to court to resolve legal issues is time-consuming and expensive. If you want to learn more about how Mediation can work in your favor, contact the Payne Law Group, in West Hollywood, CA. Make an appointment today to discuss your concerns with Attorney Shannon E. Payne. Call us today, at 714-945-5899 or contact us online to learn how we can help you.