At Payne Law Group, we offer people excellent legal services in all areas of Family Law, including Civil Litigation for some cases. We care about every client, and we work with our clients on an individual basis, to meet unique needs. We are a small firm that has the flexibility to give you personal attention and to help you to find legal solutions that are right for your best interests.

Payne Law Group

Our law firm was founded by Attorney Shannon E. Payne, in 2013. Our main mission is to help you find workable solutions to even the most complex family matters. The most desired and affordable legal services offered by Payne Law Group include:

  • Family Law – divorce, child custody and support, spousal support, agreements, adoption, domestic violence
  • Mediation – a cost-effective method for solving disputes out of court
  • Estate Planning – establish an estate plan you can count on no matter what comes your way

Attorney Shannon Payne

With special training in Mediation, Attorney Shannon Payne is ready to help clients work out solutions to family disputes out of court. Finding workable solutions that uphold the best interests of her clients and their minor children is important to Shannon, and she applies all her experience and legal knowledge to each case.

The focus of law practice at Payne Law Group is on Family Law. We understand how important family is to our clients, and we work hard for each client to give them excellent legal services that meet their unique needs. We are happy to watch them move forward, past difficult disputes, to again enjoy life and their families.

Los Angeles Attorney

With in-depth knowledge about and experience in practicing Family Law, our Los Angeles Attorney is well-equipped to help you any time you need legal assistance, advice or representation for your family matters. We enjoy working on a personal level with clients, and we always keep them informed about the legal processes and other stages their cases go through. Clients can depend on us to stand strong on their behalf, in and out of the courtroom.

When you need legal representation or advice about Family Law, Document Preparation, Estate Planning, or Mediation, call Payne Law Group first for answers. Call us today, at 323-973-0975 or contact us online to learn how we can help you.