Do I need A Lawyer?

The most common question asked by friends, family, and past clients is, “Do I need a lawyer?” Generally speaking, yes. It is always best to at least consult a lawyer where a legal, or potentially legal, issue is involved. Most law firms offer a short consultation at no charge. Call Payne Law Group at (323) 834-2889 for a free thirty minute consultation to discuss your issues and determine if representation is in your best interest.

Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders

Upon filing a Petition for Dissolution, the Petitioner is restrained from certain activities, and upon service of the Petition, the Respondent is restrained as well. These orders remain in place until entry of a final judgment under Family Code Section 233(a).

There are four standard orders under Family Code Section 2040(a)(1)-(4). These include removing minor children from the state without consent of the other party; restraint on transfer and disposal of real and personal property; restraint from changing or altering insurance or other coverage held for the benefit of the parties or minor children; and restraints on transfer of property without written consent or court order.

There are some exceptions and violations a party should be aware of when involved in a dissolution. For more information call Payne Law Group for a free consultation at (323) 834-2889.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

If you or your family is in imminent danger, contact the local police department.

A restraining order is a legal order that may be used to protect you and your family from domestic violence. Domestic Violence includes harassing phone calls, physical attacks, striking, stalking, threatening, sexual assault, and destruction of property. Whether these behaviors take place in a marital or dating relationship they may deterred or stopped by a restraining order. Call Payne Law Group for a consultation at (323) 834-2889. We offer set fee pricing for Document Preparation as well as representation.


Uncontested Dissolution


When both parties in a divorce are able to agree on all matters, such as, the division of real and personal property, child custody and visitation, child support, and spousal support, the parties may present their agreement to the court as an uncontested matter.  By proceeding in this matter is likely to save the parties money and expedite the dissolution process.  For more information on Uncontested Divorce and settlement agreements contact Payne Law Group at (323) 834-2889 for a free consultation.