Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Posted by Shannon PayneJun 22, 20140 Comments

A domestic violence restraining order is a civil order that can be used to protect you from a significant other, ex significant other, or family member.  A temporary restraining order may be issued immediately to protect you and a more permanent order, up to five years, can be made at a hearing with a Judge.

Domestic violence is not always physical. It can include stalking,  harassment, threats of harm and emotional abuse.

The order will require the other party stay at least 100 yards away from you, your home, and your job.  It may also require the other party not contact you directly or indirectly at all. If the other party does try to contact you, physically or by any other means, they violate the order and will be subject to arrest.

When there are children of the relationship, you can also ask the judge to make orders for child support and visitation, or no visitation when the children are in danger.

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