Phone down. Computer off. Breathe deep and relax.

Posted by Shannon PayneJun 19, 20140 Comments

One of the most frustrating situations for a divorce lawyer is a client that cannot stop sending angry texts and emails to their ex. Emotions are high and things need to be said but there is a time and a place and it is NOT 2:00 a.m. after three glasses of wine while you are missing your kids who are with dad for the weekend. It's also not at the end of a long work day when you do a quick Facebook check and see your ex posted another one of those clever I'm-too-good-for-him photos.

It is not worth it.

You may think you are helping the situation or engaging in reasonable conversation but if your break-up is hostile, your correspondence is too. A few minor insults can be detrimental to a contested divorce. You can be the greatest person alive but you just gave your ex the evidence to show the court you are not.

Do yourself a favor and just STOP. Take a breath, call a friend, call your lawyer, but don't make that call and don't send that message.

Obviously there are plenty of estranged spouses that can communicate effectively and to them – more power to you. But to those of you that cannot, and you know who you are, listen to the pros and save yourself from future harm from your very own actions, no matter how innocent you believe them to be.