Happily Ever After... and After

Posted by Shannon PayneMar 13, 20140 Comments

We spend our lives planning special events and surprises for the people we love.  We plan parties for the kids in our lives and romantic dates and proposals for our special partners. We plan extravagant celebrations of commitment and anniversaries of these very special days. We plan holidays and vacations specifically to relax and enjoy our friends and families. But there is one plan, perhaps the most important plan, that many people fail to execute – an Estate Plan.

No one wants to think about death and dying, but even more so, no one wants to think their loved ones will have to struggle after they are gone. An Estate Plan is the perfect plan for caring for your family when you are no longer there to plan for them. It's not a plan for death, but a plan for the future, and the protection of the people most important to your very lively life.

A good Estate Planning Attorney can create your plan to fit the needs of your family, and a great Estate Planning Attorney can even make it fun.