Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders

Posted by Shannon PayneAug 01, 20130 Comments

Upon filing a Petition for Dissolution, the Petitioner is restrained from certain activities, and upon service of the Petition, the Respondent is restrained as well. These orders remain in place until entry of a final judgment under Family Code Section 233(a).

There are four standard orders under Family Code Section 2040(a)(1)-(4). These include removing minor children from the state without consent of the other party; restraint on transfer and disposal of real and personal property; restraint from changing or altering insurance or other coverage held for the benefit of the parties or minor children; and restraints on transfer of property without written consent or court order.

There are some exceptions and violations a party should be aware of when involved in a dissolution. For more information call Payne Law Group for a free consultation at (323) 834-2889.